Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in the NICU - routine

It's amazing how fast you can adapt to a new situation and find the comfort of routine in it. During our month at the NICU, the strangeness wore off and routine set in. I found the best places to park at various times of the day (it always helps to park in the same spots if you can swing it). I knew at any given time which were the best elevators to take. Even my 2 year old found routine comforting. He helped close our privacy curtain and knew once the baby had finished eating it was time to find the pump. You just do. You learn to deal with the curveball life has thrown at you and you go with it.
Here's what our day looked like:
-drive to hospital
-park and go in to the 2nd floor
-wash hands
-say hello to nurse, get update
-change baby's diaper
-get her vitals checked
-weigh her
-close curtain
-feed her
-weigh to check how much she's eaten
-top up with gavoge
-put her back to bed
-get pump
-pump milk
-label and store milk
-clean pump and pump kit
-go home
repeat routine several times a day

The few days following our daughter's discharge from the NICU I felt disoriented. What was I going to do with my time? I had to create a whole new routine for us. There is comfort in it.

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