Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Amazing Baby Race

How timely that Jill should post on babies & sleep so recently. Today I find myself once again in the middle of the Amazing Baby Race. I know I'm nearing the end of this round so you'll have to excuse any typos. This round is the laundry/assist the boys room clean up/make & eat lunch/check my email and write one blog post round. What is the Amazing Baby Race you ask? It's the stretch of time you have between baby feeds while baby is happy and napping to get whatever you can get done done. This morning we played the have a shower/get boys breakfast/help 2 year old dress/eat my own breakfast/do one round of laundry/unload and reload the dishwasher round. I'm always impressed if I can do this and walk my oldest to school as well (today is Saturday so that was one less task to do). What impressive stretches have you managed in your own Amazing Baby Race?

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