Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life in the NICU - The Car Seat Test

Here it was, my big moment. I walked in the NICU carrying my daughter's car seat. I saw the looks of admiration/jealousy on the faces of other NICU parents. We all knew what this meant. Our time left in the NICU was running out, my girl would be coming home soon.
So what is this car seat test all about anyway? Basically, the baby sits in the car seat for an hour and half while on monitors and the nurses watch and records what happens. Car seats were not designed for premature babies. A lot of these babies have had some level of respiratory needs. The car seat test is designed to make sure that they are ready to go in a car seat and not go into respiratory distress.
My girl passed with flying colours!

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  1. I have twin boys and they were born 8 weeks early. I remember the car seat test.




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