Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day!

I know I'm a great one for the day after you need it ideas!  But of course yesterday was a snow day around here, and most other parts of the US and Canada.  It's the first snow day school day off this year for my son this year and he was ecstatic!  I thought I would make it the best possible snow day that a kid would want to enjoy.  Here's what we did.
I let him (and his 3 year old brother) stay in their PJ's and watch the Family Channel for most of the morning.  This is a huge treat for my 6 year old.  He normally doesn't watch TV during the week and has a time limit on weekends (unless we are watching a movie).  We built a big living room fort using chairs, blankets and pillows.  They brought in a few of their favorite stuffed animals too.

Once they were dressed for the day, we got out the mini-sticks and had a bit of hallway hockey on the go.  They love this. It's one of their favorite things to do.  (the great thing with their mini-sticks is that they use foam pucks - their baby sister likes to chew on them while they play)

For lunch as a treat, I let them eat in their fort.  We're pretty strict about keeping food at the table around here, so they really enjoyed this.  They loved it even more when I made them a big bowl of popcorn to share too.  We popped popcorn and drank hot chocolate for our afternoon movie, Mary Poppins.  This was the first time I've showed this movie to my kids.  It was a bit long for my 3 year old, but they both laughed hysterically at Bert's antics and Mary Poppin's magic.  My 6 year old loved it. 

Once the movie was over, the wicked wind had stopped, so I bundled them up and sent them out to enjoy the fresh snow.  There is so much to do in a pile of fresh snow.  They started making a snow fort, but then got distracted to become archaeologists searching for long, lost treasure.  They finished it up with a small snowball fight before coming in.
Once they were in, I pulled out the fun foam masks I had left over from E's birthday last summer.  They decorated them and a few strips for wristbands and became superheroes taking over my house.
After they were superheroes, they decided to become wrestlers.  It was about this time I approached my husband and suggested that maybe since the snow had died down he could take them out for a car ride and pick up some supper. A much nicer alternative to the brother violence I could foresee happening.  So that's what they did.  They went on a burger run while I made fries at home and tidied up a bit. 

Once home, we had our burgers, got the kids into jammies and brought out their story books.  They happily settled into their beds that night, tuckered out and dreaming of another snow day.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Would love one of these myself!

  2. I like the way this entry was written along with all the photos. :) And it sounded like a wonderful day for you and your kids.




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