Thursday, May 13, 2010

"It's Tide Fresh"

"Mom, are our clothes Tide Fresh?" is what my near 6 year old asked me the other day. Pardon me? Tide Fresh? What the heck does he know about Tide Fresh? "Well you know Mom, most other detergents are made up of mostly water, Tide has more cleaners in it".
Oh, right, I forgot, my child has now crossed to the dark side, TV with advertising in it. Up until about this past Christmas the only TV my kids viewed was pre-school TV. In Canada pre-school TV has very strict rules in advertising. There is very little to no direct advertising (unless you count all the toy tie in products). Then my son turned 5 and a half (the and a half being extremely important) and decided that Spider-man would be the one show a day he was choosing to watch. Spider-man airs on Teletoon. Teletoon has advertising. So we now hear about cool toys, which toy is available in a Happy Meal, and apparently laundry detergents. I can see why the CRTC decided to outlaw preschool TV advertising, but now what do I do with my school aged child? Yes, I know it's yet another teaching opportunity, just one I was hoping to avoid for a little while longer. (For the record, we use Kirkland laundry soap, the Costco brand. And yes, we did tell our son this and explain why we buy it).

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  1. Wow! That's great that Canada regulates advertising like that! It's not like that in the U.S.




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