Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthdays Drive me Crazy

Because we are moving in August, and my oldest son's birthday is the first week of September, I told my son he could have his birthday party in June. This means that he can have his friends at his party. This also means that the count down to excitement has started.

Two days ago I told him we were going to do his birthday party in three weeks. Since then he has compiled a guest list, chosen a present (he is not the kind of kid who likes surprises), and decided that he wants a knights party. Tonight he can't sleep because he knows I am ordering his present for him. All day for the last two days he has asked me questions about his party. Who will come? What presents will they bring him? How long is three weeks? Do we have to wait that long? Will it be fun? Will anyone bring him lego? How will it be fun if he doesn't have a best friend? How can he go about finding a best friend in the next week?

Last year, we went through two months of this. He decided he wanted a Playmobil castle in June. And we heard about playmobil castles every day for three months. We heard about his party and his cake and his presents daily. We had melt downs every day for the week before the party about who was coming and what gifts he was going to get. Then after the party we had a meltdown because not enough people showed up and he didn't get enough presents.

Right now, in fact, he has got up to ask me what we are going to put in the goodie bags and what activities I have planned. And now he his having a meltdown, because he was too excited to eat his supper. Its going to be a long three weeks, friends . . .

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  1. I'm so sorry! That is so difficult. Meltdowns are no fun!




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