Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

I'm moving the Monday Mama Musings to Thursdays (and therefore have to change the name). I quite enjoy participating in the 'Not Me Mondays' but still wanted to do this. Last week's poll involved nursing your baby in public and the results showed that those who nurse, are comfortable doing so in public.

Today's parenting post is a topic I've seen quite often around parenting message boards. When you were pregnant, did you find out the sex of the child ahead of time? This is an interesting one to me. I didn't realise how many people do find out beforehand. My husband and I liked the not knowing (because we'd know soon enough). I also have known a couple of people who found out, only to find out that they were told the wrong sex (it really does happen). I'd hate to get ready for a little girl just to have to take everything back and buy new for a little boy. Okay, so you know my bias, but I think I'm in the minority these days. Let's see :o)

Did you find out the sex of your child before they were born? (or plan to)

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