Saturday, April 11, 2009

Things To Do In April

Ah, April! In Central Canada, where I live, this is the month that spring really takes hold. The snow finally melts. The sandbox, the lane and the park become part of our world again. We breathe the fresh air and our thoughts turn outwards.

Here are some things I have done, or plan to do with my boys in April:

- Dig in the sandbox! Pull all the sand tools out of the shed, pick up a few new interesting ones, and get those muscles moving. If you don't have your own sandbox, head to the park with some buckets and shovels, or plastic containers and spoons and have some fun.

- Play in the gutters. Get out the splash pants and rubber boots and follow the streams of melt water down to a storm drain. Talk about the sewer system.

- Find some mud and let them get dirty.

- Go to the park. Reaquaint yourselves with local parks and green spaces. Be amazed at how much stronger and more coordinated your kids have become.

- Hunt for signs of spring. Write a list or take photos of all the signs of spring you see on a walk around the block.

What are some of your favorite April activities?

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