Friday, April 24, 2009

The Mom Bag

This is my Mom Bag. It's been a work in progress and organization. After one too many trips out for the day realising that we didn't have a sippy cup on hand, or a few extra diapers, this is what has developed. The purpose of the mom bag is simple. We have filled it with all the neccessaties that we might need if we are out for the day. It's different than the diaper bag because the Mom Bag lives in the car. Certain items get rotated out or replaced, but it stays stocked.

These are the things that I keep in the mom bag:
-2 portable spill proof cups - one for each kid, perfect for sharing a carton of chocolate milk with, without getting the chocolate milk all over the car
-2 snack containers with lids - very helpful for sharing snacks wherever we happen to be
-2 small spoons, just in case
-2 small toys - right now they are toy cars because cars are high level interest for my boys, something that will hold their attention just to get them through the next part of the drive/line up/wait at a restaurant
-wipes - they work for diaper changes, cleaning grubby hands and faces after snacks, or, wiping down a table at a food court
-extra diapers - we also started keeping a pack of diapers in the trunk of the car just in case
-diaper cream - just a small container
-a pen - I'm always looking for a pen, so I keep one here too
-the monkey backpack/harness - such an improvement on the plain one I had and used once when my oldest was younger. My youngest loves wearing his monkey, giving him the freedom of walking places (very rarely will he go in a stroller anymore) and me the piece of mind of him not running away
-baby biscuits - this is the current non-perishable food of choice that I keep in here, at other times it has been granola bars and various dried fruit
And that's it really. I don't overfill it. I can just drop my wallet and cell phone in here and off we go.
*this handcrafted bag was a gift from my mom, she picked it up at a fair trade store, it really is the perfect go-anywhere size bag!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I had a "mom car" where I kept all these things scattered everywhere (my husband was so frustrated with me he wouldn't even ride in my car). It's nice that you keep your wallet and cell phone in there too, you only have to carry 1 bag. Seriously, good thinkin!




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