Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is what summer is all about

We had dinner at a friend's place last night.  If you live anywhere between Alberta and Quebec you know how hot it is.  Today is the coolest day this week at 29 degrees celcius.  So after the kids ate last night, they went out to play in the backyard while us grownups could eat in glorious peace (great plan eh?).  We heard the water start running and looked out - what I saw absolutely delighted me and bought back my own summer memories.  There were all 5 kids fully dressed, fully wet, splashing in the mud puddle they had made, giggling their heads off.  My son was drinking straight from the hose, then dousing the rest.  They were chasing each other in a game of tag.  They were swinging on a rope hanging from the big tree.  They were kids, enjoying summer just the way kids should.  Fantastic!

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