Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amusing myself with kid's TV

These are random thoughts I have when watching a little TV with my kids.

What is the nature of the relationship between Handy Manny and Kelly?
How about Bob the Builder and Wendy?
Where in the world are Max and Ruby's parents?  Should an 8 year old really be in charge of her 3 year old brother?
Why does Nina spend so much time hanging around the Imagination Movers?  Is she leading them all on?
How come Dora and Diego can go pretty much anywhere in the world they want to without any adult supervision?
What's up with the Wiggles?  No one smiles that much. 
Speaking of the Wiggles, here's some of Dylan Moran's brillance on the subject while in Melbourne:

What are your random thoughts on kids TV?  Come on, I know you have them.

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  1. The creators of Bob the Builder are totally purposely leading parents on. I was watching their Christmas special, and Bob gives Wendy a small, engagement ring sized box, which ends up being something else, I think.

    I wonder what Captain Feathersword's "real" voice is like, and what the different Wiggles dancers are thinking, based on their facial expressions.




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