Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does your Lego look like our Lego?

Our boys got Lego the best way possible, it was passed down to them from an older cousin who had out grown it.  He gave it to them for Christmas this past year.  They have a large Rubbermaid tub-full.  It's quite wonderful really.  They have been pretty creative with it and will build things for hours at a time.  Lately, however, my oldest son wants to build specific things.  Things like an X-Wing fighter or an AT-AT.  I don't know that we have the actual X-Wing Lego set in our big pile (I'm pretty sure we don't) and I'm not creative enough with it to make one up (I was the typical girl who played with Lego and built houses when I was a kid) so I looked it up.  Sure enough kind Lego geeks out there have made how-to build with Lego videos (check it out on You Tube).  I like the videos over the just word instructions as I'm pretty visual and like seeing that I'm doing the right thing.  One thing I've learned is not to be picky in terms of color of pieces and to adapt the design a bit when I can't find the exact piece I'm looking for.  My eyes go a big buggy sorting through it all.   It's a lot of fun really and a great way to spend time with my boys.

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