Friday, July 30, 2010

Balloon Pinatas

My son just celebrated his 6th birthday. He really wanted to have a pinata at his party. But, I just didn't have the time to make one and couldn't find one that matched his Super Hero theme in the stores. Then I started thinking, isn't there a way to fill balloons with candy? There must be. Here's what I did:

First - I cut off the top of a plastic bottle

Then I put the balloon opening over the top of the bottle top (this works best if you get the whole neck of the balloon around the bottle top top)

 I blew into the balloon a few times to stretch the balloon out, then I began stuffing treats inside (*side note - lollipops didn't fit, make sure you buy candy that can go through your bottle top, I put some stickers in too)

Once your candy is in, carefully remove the balloon neck from the bottle top (I did break one which was annoying, but only one).  Shake the balloon, then blow it up and tie it (*additional side note - if you are going to be using balloons for a party do yourself a favor and buy a balloon pump at the dollar store, it's worth it!)

The kids had a blast with this.  They sat on them and stomped on them to get their treats.  I had name labeled treat bags ready for their candy.  I loved that every kid who came got to play and all at once so that they were all busy, no waiting time.

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