Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning?

Please excuse any bleary eyed typos, it's been one of those nights with the baby. I was so pleased that she had seemed to realise that midnight to 4am was not awake time the past 2 weeks and lulled into the belief that I had finally had the perfect child. One who sleeps at night, wakes to eat and goes right back to sleep again. I had forgotten that a baby's sleep cycle is completely different from ours and that her awake time rotated a little bit at a time. So sneaky that. And not appreciated at all while wandering the halls this morning at 3:30am pleading with her to sleep (she finally caved at about 10 past 4).
The notion of sleep while baby sleeps works very, very well when it is your first baby. The third baby? It's a nice thought, but not at all practical when you have a kindergarten child to get up and ready. And let's not forget the preschooler looking for mama to play with him once brother is at school. So this morning I'm compromising. My kindergarten child is safely delivered to school. My preschooler and I are just finishing our banana bread breakfast, and I'm quite content to let him watch a little Playhouse Disney while I snooze on the futon in the living room. He can cuddle up with me. As for baby? She's out cold in the downstairs bassinet.

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