Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Mama Musings

Last week's mama musing asked what you would do when a parent said a terrible thing to their child in public. The majority said they would "give the parent 'the look'".

Onto today's musing:

We knew it would be coming. Our babysitters are starting to outgrow the babysitting stage. The sitter we've had the longest is now 19, going to college and is often out of town on weekends to visit with her boyfriend. Our next sitter is also headed away for college this fall, and is currently working away at a summer camp. Our third sitter option also works at the same summer camp. She is also a college student, and we can probably get her to babysit again in the fall but...we really want a date now. It's been a while since my husband and I had a night out. We were fortunate when my mom was out to visit as we got away for an evening, but it's getting to be that time where we need a little alone time. So how do you find a sitter? I know, some of you are fortunate enough to live close to family and don't worry about it. Maybe there is a girl in your neighbourhood that you've heard is responsible? Or perhaps a friend has a really good sitter she's willing to share with you? Maybe one of your friends has a daughter that fits the bill? Or do you trust a local ad that one of the sitters has placed? Is there another way to find a sitter I haven't thought of? Please vote in this week's poll and let me know your thoughts on babysitters in the comments :o)

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