Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Links

Just thought those of you who are / are thinking of using cloth diapers might be interested in checking out the posts on Cloth Diapering Week over at Simple Mom . Tsh has lined up a great series of clear, concise posts on the basics of using cloth diapers. If you want more info, definitely check out the comments where lots of experienced mamas add their two or three cents. Including yours truly, of course.

Meghan at Simple Kids has compiled a great list of classic outdoor games with links to the rules. I don't think we're quite there yet - the boys still think the point of tag is to be "it" - but those of you with older kids might enjoy it.

A while ago, before(?) we started this blog, Eren wrote this insightful post about staying positive while parenting. I totally agree with her. Whenever I find that things are going downhill around here, you can almost bet it is really my attitude that is slipping. This post says pretty much exactly what I would want to say on this topic.

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