Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Big Question

Now at 25 weeks with an obvious baby bump I regularly get the question “Do you know what it is?”. This question use to bother me as neither my husband nor I want to know the sex of our children before they are born, however it is becoming more and more unusual not to find out.
I have to say that with the second time around I feel like it would be easier to plan if I knew what it was, but at the same time it wouldn’t change much either. We live in a tiny apartment and the baby will sleep in the same space regardless of sex. I have a ton of unisex clothing from our first son, so I don’t need to buy much at first, and if it is girl, well l she will just be dressed a little more like a tom boy.

I do think that knowing what gender the baby is would probably help a mother feel more bonded with her child pre-birth. If you know what you are having you can choose a name and begin having personal conversations with your child.  I find it is a little challenging to feel a connection to a being inside me when I have no idea who it is in there.

But call me old fashioned, I never open a present early and I don’t want to know. We are having a scheduled C-section (a whole other topic), so will know when we are having our baby, but we still want a little mystery in the excitement of our new arrival.
Any other thoughts on knowing, vs. not knowing?


  1. We opted not to find out - I had a friend who did, painted the nursery pink, had a girl themed shower because of the ultrasound results, when her little boy was born it was a lot of wasted money.

  2. I really wanted to find out at first. Only to find out that here at an ultrasound they won't tell you. The only way to find out the sex of your baby is to pay for a 3D ultrasound, apparently those are more better at seeing and thus "predicting" what gender you are having. In the end I said I didn't care, and I was also pretty sure of which gender I was having anyways. I turned out I was right and I did have a boy. If I were to ever have a second child I am not sure which route I would choose the second time around. Because like Kristen I have heard stories of people getting it wrong.




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