Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy, Busy Toddler

My almost 15 month old daughter is into that very, very busy stage. If you've been there with your own children you know what I mean. If you aren't there yet consider yourself officially warned. This is the stage of no roll of toilet paper being safe, it will be unrolled completely, several times. Any cupboard and drawer is fair game. The string of mess tells the tale of where she's been. She's smart enough to have figured out every cupboard and drawer lock (I honestly don't know why we bother to still fasten them). Our Wii remotes and games now sit on top of the Entertainment stand instead of in the drawer hidden neatly away. All of my older sons' belongings are hidden up in their room for fear of their sister's attack. Our home is gated with as much security as the CIA headquarters and she still gets into things that she shouldn't. Full boxes of corn starch and pancake mix have been dumped. Pages of library books have been ripped. She's just so interested in everything and patience is a foreign concept. It has to be now! It keeps you on your toes and longing for nap time, just to have space to breathe.
It's also a very lovely stage watching her little mind take in everything. She is exploring so much because the world is opening up to her. When she's outside she notices everything from the wind to a bird flying by to an ant crawling on the ground. It's a gift to be able to take in the world through her eyes. It's all brand new and fascinating.
David Shannon captured this stage beautifully (and humourously) in his Diaper David books - well worth checking out and sharing with your little ones.

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