Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watch them Grow

My 6 year old son took me by surprise last night.  No, he wasn't playing a practical joke on me, or trying to scare me (which is always a possibility), it was just the look of him.  He looked older.  Every so often, I notice that my kids have changed looks again.  Their faces are slightly different.  It's not something you notice every day, because you live with them, just once in a while I step back and think, "Oh my goodness, he's older again".  I know from teaching that the transition around 6/7 years of age is a time when kids really change their looks.  Any remaining baby fat kind of disappears, their baby teeth are replaced by their permanent teeth, they start to shoot up in height and you start to get an idea of what they are going to look like as adults.  It's so bizarre to see this happening to my first born.  He was my first baby and I feel like last night I had a glimpse as to what he will look like as a teenager.  Just another mom moment, where I want to hold onto him and have time stand still for just a little bit longer.

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