Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day.  The idea of war and going to war seems so far removed for some in our society.  Though Canadian soldiers still work towards peace in our world, for most it's something that is out of sight out of mind.  We often take for granted the peace that we have.  Our children can walk to school without worry that they will be caught in sniper fire along the way.  We don't worry that the school will be bombed while they are busy inside learning.  Not every child in this world can say that.  Our grandparents and now great-grandparents lived in a very different time.  A time where war was part of their life.  It is up to us to uphold the memory of that.  Since my children were wee babes in arms I've always taken them to the local Remembrance Day service.  We wear our poppies with pride.  I've taken the time to teach them why November 11th is so important.  Here are some ideas how you can do that with your children too.

Veteran's Affairs Canada has youth and educator guides for Remembrance Week 2011 that you can find here

The Royal Canadian Legion also has resources under Poppy/Remembrance on their site here.

Canadian Musician Terry Kelly created a fantastic song and video that stresses the importance of taking the time to Remember called A Pittance of Time. You could watch the video with your children and discuss it and the accompanying story. 

Take your children to your local Remembrance Day ceremony this morning.  Talk to a Vet after the service is over.  If your child does not live in a province that recognizes Remembrance Day as a holiday, then why not go to their school for their assembly?  It will give you a jumping off point for a chat later on tonight.

Whether or not you agree with current world conflicts and Canada's involvement in them does not negate the fact that we have men and women who have and are willing to risk their lives for us.  Please take a moment today to remember and give thanks for them.

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