Monday, November 23, 2009

" Hurry Up and Wait"

In the film and tv industry (and to a lesser extent, in theatre rehearsals) actors often have to be on set, in make up and costume, with their lines memorized, ready to get in their places. Once they have achieved this state, they must wait for the camera to be focused, the shot to be set up, the lights to be properly adjusted, and many other technical details to be worked out before they actually get to go on set and do their bit.

The last few weeks of pregnancy are kind of like this. You get everything ready for the baby, make all your plans for who will go where during your delivery, get your bags packed, and then . . . you wait. The rest is up to your body, not you.

This is the stage we are in right now -- the hurry up and wait. Some days I feel like I'm going into labour, some days I don't. All trips out of town have been suspended. The smallest cramp or contraction or gas or sore back is closely monitored by me, in case it is actually a contraction. I've already been to the hospital and back once. Every night at bed time and every day as he goes to school, Andrew asks, "Do you think the baby will come before I wake up/ get home?".

There is very little you can do in this stage, especially once all the major preparation is complete. All you can do is keep up the dishes and laundry, fend off the curious phone calls and emails, and try keep a nice balance between being busy and well rested.

With my first son, since I did not have any other kids to care for, and I was on summer holidays from my job, and it was really hot. I watched all the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies, and all the special features (yes, it took me a whole week) while I hid out in our basement suite. In the cool evenings I would go for walks.

With my second son, I was so busy chasing my oldest son and getting ready for Christmas. Then I obsessively researched natural birth and breastfeeding for a few weeks before the birth. I had a terrible cold and could hardly walk, though, so mostly I was just waiting for the pain to end.

This time I have been sewing and sewing and sewing .

The main point is to find something to do to keep you from obsessively thinking about the coming baby. What have you done to keep yourself busy in this ending, hurry up and wait, stage?


  1. I know when I was waiting for Elijah I read a lot because people told me I wouldn't be able to read once the baby came - that turned out not to be true for me (I think because we make time for what we really love and I gave up other things) - I don't remember what I did when waiting for Jeremy, except that I faithfully still took Elijah to daycare so I could take time to rest.
    I also remember spending a lot of time on the couch once Elijah was here, nursing him and cuddleing him when he slept. I watched a lot of rented DVD series, in particular I remember watching the whole of "North and South" the 1st two, not the 3rd, I started to, but it was crap.

  2. Oh, and I was babysat by friends when we were waiting for Elijah because Jonathan was playing Gratiano in the Merchant of Venice and Elijah was due closing night (he came late thank goodness), but I had a few friends that came over when Jonthan was onstage - we all went to opening night together but the other nights we went for walks (in my fuzzy slippers as no other shoes fit me) and played a lot of crib :o)




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