Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathroom Break

My oldest son is 5. He still comes into the ladies room with me when we are out without my husband. I'm not at all comfortable sending him into the men's room by himself. The same is true when we go to the pool. At this point no one seems to be questioning his presence in these places. In fact I've seen other mothers with their 5 year old boys in the ladies changing room.
And why would we send them elsewhere? It's a sad state of our times, but true that we don't know who is in these rooms. And we don't want to risk our sons to the whims of perverts.
But how long can I safely keep him with me? At what age is it inappropriate for him to be there? And then what do I do?
I've seen some older boys(8-9 years old) in the ladies room. I'm not comfortable with this. Some of them peek - not good. I can understand why their mothers would keep them with them. I just wish there were more family friendly alternatives.
Some malls and pools (thank goodness) have created family washrooms and change rooms. I'm very glad for this. But not all are there yet. Our pool has family changing huts, which is great, but no lockers near them (the lockers are in the changing rooms). Most restaurants have a ladies and a men's room, nothing else. Some malls have a 'family room', but it is usually designed for nursing women complete with a lock and key (so if another mama is in there with her little one, you are out of luck).
I really don't have a solution, just a lot of questions. I'm sure there are plenty of other mamas out there who have been through this delemma already and have ideas. I'm hoping that some of you can share with me and other readers. Please leave your ideas in the comments, I'd really appreciate it!


  1. Hi Gramma here....well I asked dad and he said 'not now'!! He said it depends on the child and their awareness of 'things'...and their capabilities....even when they are 8 or 9 I would still watch out for them and remember if they take too long in the men's room....and tell them this - that if they take too long mom will be in the men's room to see what the problem is! And yes, I would go into the men's room!

  2. I think it's be nice if family restrooms were more available. Because same goes if it's dad and daughter and going to the bathroom. It's just so much nicer to say okay we go to family washrooms until this time. Also I agree it depends on the child, after a bit some kids are okay to go to the washroom alone, they're comfortable doing so, know what is safe, and know mom/dad is right outside the door.

  3. I think it's fine at 5 that he goes into the restrooms with you, but 8 or 9 I'm not sure
    about that. But one thing is for sure like another commenters says if he is in the mens room too long by himself best believe I'd walk up in there like I owned the joint. Btw this is
    Tee following from the MBC! Drop by the GrabBag sometime and Follow and Comment. Please Thanks!

  4. I have a 11 and 6 year old and I still have them come in with me especially if we are at a stadium. If they are going together and we are not in a very crowded place. I stand outside and let them go in I talk loud at the door asking if they are almost done, don't forget to wash your hands etc., just so men in there know mom's outside wating. You never know who's looming in the men's bathroom and I really don't care what people think as long as my son is safe.




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